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        The equally, lzm’s invent of cure SARS could be to cure a patient of bird flu or phthisis within in 30 minutes!  All politico whom assist China Gov. to conceal this medicine invents same the war criminal not different from!    

         PCT/SG03/00145 is above lzm's invent , but this global village have too many hypocrite politico, they talk in high-sounding tone but yet submit to the China Government’s enticement of money and beautiful woman in the dark and instruct their patent office of country to cancel this invent patent to use all sorts of wiles and methods!     Such as the US patent office, EPO patent office and AU patent office...Please link to our websites of  www.ycec.net or www.ycec.sg  !

To formulate the key to lengthen your life for more than 10year! 

   What is the price of life?   Originality in the world !         Specification   

          Why my medical treatment of rejuvenation cannot apply in PCT patent office and cannot be publicized?   The answer was below:  

Application in the patent office of  America

I. Background & Preface

Why the featureless Ulcer researchers of Australian could be replaced with  it can cure SARS, bird flu, phthisis etc. and also includes other a invention of  "temperature difference” or proverb “refrigeration” treatment by inventor lzm to give the Nobel Medicine Prize of 2005year?

At present, news was announced on Dec.19, 2008 that a Sweden prosecutor was in the act for tracing why the Chinese Government repeatedly to put up capital bribery at some Nobel appraisal meeting member visit China since 2006year?

At that same time, it seems who physics Nobel prizeman Chen Ning Yang to arrange visit Hong Kong commission by Chinese Government, he had a ravings is that “China is unnecessary Nobel Medicine Prize at present!  Why? It was clear the China Government’s intention of bribery to some Nobel appraisal meeting member that is not give lzm’s invent to obtain Nobel Medicine Prize of 2005year!

Under the former China chairman, Mr. Jiang Zemin’s son Mr. Jiang mian heng, that he used high salary of two million USD to employ Bush president’s younger brother Mr. NeilBush and give him free pretty woman into the NeilBush’s hotel room everyday in HK or China. This avowal was published at www.Chinanews.com.cn and HK wenweipo newspaper on Nov. 27, 2003.  So the China Government’s bribery does not simply means a free a plane ticket or hostel.

Still more details to see the http://www.ycec.pk/UN/150117.htm and the main webpage at:


       Above the fact, why the USA office always attempt lawless to cancel this invention of only can to cure SARS, bird flu, phthisis etc. and also includes a "temperature difference” or proverb “refrigeration” treatment that already to open a save life big windows for cancer patient and succeed application in HK hospital reported by newspaper on 2003year?  To see the www.ycec.pk/Cure-cancer.htm!   

    On account the false and harmful of “vaccine" that is already unmask from my this invention!  It though the fake vaccine original western "invention" but reuse under the current CP-China dynasty that tool for the stupid people, and Hong Kong began on July of 1997 later by the Margaret Chan Fung Fu-chun to inveigled 1.2 million under 18years student with children to shot three dosage “measles vaccine”, you can see the www.ycec.pk/HK/161007.htm or www.ycec.pk/HK/161007e.pdfpdf;     

             Therefore, as above right picture that download on the website,  the bribe trick of CP China that already "well-known" worldwide and the fact as the inventor lzm just had a letter to President Donald Trump on November 03, 2017, to see the  www.ycec.pk/HK/171103.pdf   or Chinese at: www.ycec.pk/HK/171103-hk.pdf

   I hope the USA prosecutor could intervene and investigate this case, which is similar to the case of the Sweden prosecutor.

II.  Application-Specifics in US patent Office


Application in US-patent on Aug.13, 2003

  Letter to US Patent Officer on Jan. 05, 2004


 Letter to US Patent Officer on Mar.26, 2004

 Letter to US Patent Officer on Jan. 25, 2004


Denunciation under PCT patent Law on Apr.27, 2004  


The receipt of US patent office July.15, 04      Publication Date 12/16/2004

         After the denunciation under PCT patent Law file on Apr.27, 2004, the US patent office has to admit and send me a office receipt on July.15, 2004. with notifying the publication date on Dec.16, 2004.  

         The publication documents is the same as the preliminary amendment filed on Aug.13, 2003 and  the amendment documents that was filed in US Patent Office on Jan. 25, 2004.   The office receipt that shows six drawings and a total of eight claims,  the substitute specification was filed on Aug.13, 2003. 


Office amend letter on Nov.12, 2004  

 Respond to office on Dec.06, 2004  


Office amend letter on Mar.23, 2005  

Respond to office on July.18, 2005 


First action on Sep.30, 2005    

Respond to Office on Jan.02, 2006 


       US patent office was prepared to cancel this application by unsuitable trick!

      A Notice of Extension of Time Fee of USPTO which mailed on 2/10/06.  So I, applicant used the Tel: 571-272-0506 to contact Miss Veo. of Technical Support Staff (TSS) to inquire how much was the Extension Fee.  Immediately after Miss Veo. told my daughter that the Extension Fee is $110 USD, I sent out the payment form on Mar.10, 2006. with a letter to explain the same above-mentioned and provided a decision that could be chosen by Examiner:

 If the office does not agree with the explanations and apply of above-mentioned, in addition, as per telecommunicate with your staff (TSS) on Monday, 5th March 06, I will attach a Credit Card Payment Form for payment the USD $110 required for extension of time fee pursuant to § 1.136(a).

      The officer Miss Veo. has chosen and confirm that the Extension Fee is $110 USD and discovered that the pay out date of Credit Card of USD $110 is on Mar.23, 2006.

Office Letter on Feb.10, 2006  

  Respond to Office on Mar.10, 2006 

US patent office was prepared to cancel this application by unsuitable trick!!


        After six months of the payday of Extension fee, the US patent office suddenly sent out a notification regarding the canceling of this application. 

        In the appropriate fee as set forth in 37 CFR 1.17(a)(1)-(5), the date of Applicant's reply is a number of invariable then that time was admit by a notification of Office on Feb. 10, 2006.  But the Examiner of evil intention was a pack of lies below :

    On 3/22/06. applicant's authorization for payment of $110 was received The amount was insufficient as of 3/22/06, because by that time, a 3 month extension of time was required.  This is what is meant by "continues to run" and "No New Time Period is Provided." $110 was therefore insufficient to pay for 3 months extension of time.

        The Examiner of evil intention has forgot, if the date of Applicant's reply true could be "continues to run" to add the extension fee unceasing and the Miss Veo. of Technical Support Staff (TSS) is a swindler?     Under the rule of US patent law, is it possible that the office have not a duty to send a new notification after received the payment of $110 send in 30 days for applicant ? 


Office Letter on Sep.21, 2006   

Respond to Office on Oct.27, 2006 

      Obviously, the Examiner’s wrong was unforgivable, because of the wrong record of USPTO himself, if Mr. John Pak is attempting to take advantage of the case of extension fee to cancel my application intentionally, it was already pass the rules of limit time, so the notice of abandonment made by Examiner Mr. John Pak it must to become invalid. .......


  Office Letter on Apr.30, 2007  

Respond to Office on May.31, 2007    


    Email for complain on Jun. 18, 2007      

   Office respond on Jun.21, 2007


     Patent examination was to be against regulations purposely !

       Link  below the 12 of serial number and open the page 12 of report, the examiner was to stipulation that: "A shortened statutory period for reply to this final action is set to expire THREE MONTHS from the mailing date of this action.  In the event a first reply is filed within TWO MONTHS of the mailing date of this final action and the advisory action is not mailed until after the end of the THREE-MONTH shortened statutory period, ..."  

       The examination report mailing date to shown on April  01, 2009,  notwithstanding applicant received  was on 18 April 2009.   But, applicant had a respond sent to Office on May.14, 2009 and admit received by USA patent office and filed on May 21, 2009,   please to link below the 13 of serial number and open the page 2 of report,  the respond that filed date not the deadline it was very clear! 

        Why the USA patent office could be to act as a robber office???


Office's second examination report on18 April 2009 

    Respond to Office on May.14, 2009   

Witness by China post  


Office's Advisory Action on15 June 2009 

    Respond to Office on June.30, 2009   


    Respond to Office on July.03, 2009   

Witness by Singapore post  

         Application could be to reaffirm, this invention is very important in medicine civilization of mankind society, none of the Nobel prizes’ medical achievements and the historical value can be compared to our invention! In this few month, after seeing my website, www.ycec.net my invent application have already popularize deep into every hospital of America now, any American, without respect to any elderly or baby whom all without exception to need this application of invent, there is no substitute, there is since the dawn of history alone invent only, in the same measure, the medical book of USA must to alter still, besides, to esteem the intellectual property is the important values of American and the way of stand country, today, the above-mentioned Examiner’s means and behaviors were shameful!

          So the American reputation will fall because of this act if cannot repent and reform and will everlasting to a bad reputation that will be long remembered in medical treatment history of human.

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