Domain Name Registration Agreement 

域名注册协议  DNRA


1. Introduction  介紹                                                                                                                                  2

2. Definitions   定義                                                                                                                                   2

3. Acceptance and Amendment of the DNRA and Reference Documents                                                    3


4. Registrars   注册商                                                                                                                            4

5. Registered Domain Name 注册域名                                                                                                      5

6. Use of Registration Information  使用登記訊息                                                                                    6

7. Registrant’s Obligations     註冊人的義務                                                                                            7

8. Registrant’s Representations and Warranties   註冊人的声明和保證                                                   8

9. Rights of SGNIC   SGNIC的權利                                                                                                       8

10. Exclusion, Limitations and Indemnities  排除、限制和赔偿                                                               10

11. General Terms   一般条款                                                                                                                 11

   ANNEX  附加                                                                                                                                       13


SGNIC Domain Name Registration Agreement  SGNIC  域名注册协议

1 February 2019


1. Introduction简介

1.1  This Domain Name Registration Agreement (the “DNRA”) is between you (the “Registrant”) and the Singapore Network Information Centre (“SGNIC”). Upon your application for the registration of the Domain Name which you have applied for in the form and manner prescribed by SGNIC from time to time and successful registration of the Domain Name, SGNIC enters into this DNRA with you.

     本域名注册协议(“DNRA”)是您(注册人)和新加坡网络信息中心(“SGNIC”)之间的协议。在您按照 SGNIC 不时规定的形式和方式申请注册您所申请的域名并成功注册该域名后,SGNIC 与您签订本 DNRA

1.2   The following documents form part of the DNRA:

      以下文件构成 DNRA 的一部分:

1.2.1.  Rules of Registration (“RoR”);


1.2.2.  Acceptable Use Policy for Registrant (“AUPT”);


1.2.3.  WHOIS Policy; 

       WHOIS 政策

1.2.4. Singapore Domain Name Dispute Resolution policy and Supplemental Rules (“SDRP”); and


1.2.5. Privacy Policy. 


(Collectively the “Reference Documents”) (统称参考文件


1.3  The Reference Documents may be viewed at SGNIC’s website ( contain additional terms and conditions which are binding on you. The Reference Documents may, pursuant to Clause 3.3 below, be amended by SGNIC from time to time.

     参考文件可在 SGNIC 的网站 )上查看,其中包含对您具有约束力的附加条款和条件。根据下文第 3.3 条,参考文件可能由 SGNIC 不时修订。

1.4 You warrant that you have reviewed the terms of this DNRA and the Reference Documents prior to making your application for the registration of your Domain Name.

   您保证在申请注册您的域名之前已经阅读了本 DNRA 的条款和参考文件。


2. Definitions定义

2.1 In this DNRA: 在本 DNRA 中:

Domain Name” means any internet second-level or third-level domain name ending in .sg, “.新加坡”or“.சிங் கப் பூர”;

  域名指任何以.sg“.新加坡“”结尾的互联网二级或三级域名。சிங் கப் பூர ”

Domain Name Registration”  域名注册

means the subsisting registration by SGNIC of a Domain Name in its registry in the name of the Registrant;

SGNIC 以注册人的名义在其注册机构中持续注册的域名;

Fees”   means the fees payable to SGNIC under the DNRA and shall include any fees associated with a Domain Name;

    费用指根据 DNRA 应支付给 SGNIC 的费用,并应包括与域名相关的任何费用;

Internationalised Domain Name”or“IDN国际化域名“ IDN ”

means a Domain Name which contains one or more non-Latin characters. The different versions associated with an IDN shall be termed as “Variants”;

指包含一个或多个非拉丁字符的域名。与 IDN 相关联的不同版本应称为变体

Name Servers”   means computers that are connected to the Internet and publish authoritative translation information about a Domain Name in the domain name system;


Registration Information

means all information which the Registrant has furnished to SGNIC in connection with the processing of any transaction related to the Domain Name Registration including the information provided by the Registrant during the application process as well as all other information concerning the Domain Name Registration;


指注册人向 SGNIC 提供的与处理与域名注册有关的任何交易的所有信息,包括注册人在申请过程中提供的信息以及与域名注册有关的所有其他信息;

 “Registrar” means the party appointed or accredited by SGNIC to offer Domain Name registration services;

  注册商指由 SGNIC 指定或授权提供域名注册服务的一方;

Registrar of Record

 means the Registrar which is listed with SGNIC as the appointed Registrar with respect to a Domain Name Registration;

记录登记员”    指在 SGNIC 中列为指定域名注册商的注册商;


2.2  In this Agreement, except where the context otherwise requires or unless otherwise specified:


    (a) References to legislation or to any provision of legislation include references to modifications or re-enactments of, substitutions for (whether under the same or a different name or title), and all statutory instruments issued under, that legislation or provision;


    (b)  Words denoting the singular include the plural and vice versa, and words importing a gender include all genders;


    (c) Words denoting individuals may include corporations and vice versa;


    (d) A reference to an interest of two or more persons confers that interest jointly and severally and a reference to an obligation imposed on any  two or more persons imposes that obligation jointly and severally;


    (e) References to Clauses and Schedules are references to clauses of and schedules to this Agreement. Headings do not affect interpretation;


    (f) References to documents or agreements (including this Agreement) include references to amendments, novation, replacements and supplementary documents or agreements;


    (g) References to any Party to this Agreement or to any other document or agreement include its successors and permitted substitutes or assigns;


    (h)  “Writing” and other similar expressions include all means of reproducing words in a tangible and permanently visible form;


          (i)  Derivatives from a word given a certain meaning or interpretation, have a corresponding meaning or interpretation;


          (j)  A period dating from a given day or the day of an act or event, is calculated exclusive of that day; and


    (k)  A reference to a day commences at midnight Singapore time and ends 24 hours later.

          对一天的引用从新加坡时间午夜开始,并在 24 小时后结束。


3. Acceptance and Amendment of the DNRA and Reference Documents

      DNRA 和参考文件的接受和修改

3.1 Acknowledgements   You acknowledge that:                                  

       致谢   您承认:

3.1.1. you have read, understood and accepted the terms contained in this DNRA and the Reference Documents (and in particular, the RoR and the AUPT);

        您已阅读、理解并接受本 DNRA 和参考文件(尤其是 RoR AUPT)中包含的条款;

3.1.2. SGNIC has sole and absolute discretion to reject your application for registration of any Domain Name notwithstanding that your application conforms to all of the requirements set out in this DNRA and the Reference Documents; and

        尽管您的申请符合本 DNRA 和参考文件中规定的所有要求,但 SGNIC 有权拒绝您的任何域名注册申请;和

3.1.3. SGNIC is not obliged to provide any reasons for rejecting your application for registration.

  SGNIC 没有义务提供任何拒绝您注册申请的理由。


3.2  Acceptance by SGNIC.    SGNIC 的接受。  

SGNIC entered into this DNRA with you relying upon the information you have provided and the representations and warranties which you have given or made (whether in this DNRA or elsewhere).  SGNIC may, in its sole and absolute discretion, impose additional terms and conditions in connection with the registration of your Domain Name. Once you have accepted these additional terms and conditions, they become a part of this DNRA and are incorporated herein by reference as if specifically set out in this document.

SGNIC 根据您提供的信息以及您提供或做出的陈述和保证(无论是在本 DNRA 中还是在其他地方)与您签订了本 DNRASGNIC 可自行决定对您的域名注册施加额外的条款和条件。一旦您接受这些附加条款和条件,它们将成为本 DNRA 的一部分,并通过引用并入本文,就像在本文档中具体列出一样。


3.3  Amendment of the DNRA and Reference Documents

    3.3  DNRA 和参考文件的修改

      3.3.1. SGNIC reserves the right to make amendments to the DNRA and the Reference Documents at any time and from time to time. Any  amendment shall be published on SGNIC’s website. You agree to periodically review SGNIC’s website to determine if SGNIC has made any amendments to this DNRA and/or the Reference Documents.

       SGNIC 保留随时和不时修改 DNRA 和参考文件的权利。任何修改均应在 SGNIC 网站上公布。您同意定期查看 SGNIC 的网站,以确定 SGNIC 是否对本 DNRA /或参考文件进行了任何修改。


      3.3.2.  You shall be deemed to have agreed to any amendments made to the DNRA and/or the Reference Documents 30 days after the date of first publication of such amendments on SGNIC’s website unless you have, prior to expiry of the 30 day period, notified SGNIC of your intention to terminate this DNRA in accordance with Clause 9.6.1(c) below.

            除非您在 30 天期限届满前通知 SGNIC您打算根据以下第 9.6.1(c) 条终止本 DNRA


4. Registrars  注册商

4.1 Registrar is Your Agent. You acknowledge and agree that the Registrar through which you made your Domain Name application or subsequently appointed by you is irrevocably authorised by you to act as your agent in all matters in connection with the application, registration and maintenance of the Domain Name and the administration of this DNRA. Such matters shall include - acting as the communication liaison between SGNIC and you and dealing with or deletion of any Domain Name Registration.

     注册商是您的代理。 您承认并同意,您通过其提出域名申请或随后由您指定的注册商不可撤销地获得您的授权,在与域名的申请、注册和维护以及域名管理相关的所有事项中担任您的代理人。这个 DNRA。此类事项应包括 - 充当 SGNIC 与您之间的沟通联络人,以及处理或删除任何域名注册

4.2  You also acknowledge that there is and has been no relationship of agency, partnership or joint enterprise between any Registrar and SGNIC.

      您还承认,任何注册服务商与 SGNIC 之间存在且不存在代理、合伙或合资企业关系。

   4.3 In exceptional circumstances, SGNIC may in its sole and absolute discretion decide to process your application for registration of a Domain Name directly. If SGNIC so decides, then where appropriate or where the circumstances permit, a reference in this DNRA to “Registrar” shall be read as a reference to SGNIC.

 在特殊情况下,SGNIC 可自行决定直接处理您的域名注册申请。如果 SGNIC 如此决定,则在适当或情况允许的情况下,本 DNRA 中对注册商的引用应理解为对 SGNIC 的引用。


4.4 Change of Registrar  注册服务商变更

4.4.1. Change of Registrar Events. You agree to change your Registrar of Record to another Registrar upon;


(a) SGNIC’s request; or  SGNIC 的请求;或者

(b) being notified by your Registrar of Record or SGNIC that your Registrar of Record’s accreditation with SGNIC has been suspended or terminated for any reason

    收到您的记录注册商或 SGNIC 通知您的记录注册商对 SGNIC 的认证已因任何原因暂停或终止

(each of the above being a “Change of Registrar Event”). You acknowledge that in certain circumstances, SGNIC itself may act as your temporary Registrar of Record pending your change of Registrar of Record pursuant to this clause.

(以上每一项都是注册服务商变更事件)。您承认,在某些情况下,SGNIC 本身可能充当您的临时记录注册商,等待您根据本条款更改记录注册商。


4.4.2.  Time Period. Upon the occurrence of any Change of Registrar Events, you are required to effect a change in your Registrar of Record within 30 days of being notified of the occurrence or otherwise within the time period stipulated by SGNIC.

          时间段。发生任何注册服务商变更事件时,您需要在收到该事件通知后 30 天内或在 SGNIC 规定的时间段内更改您的记录注册服务商。

4.4.3.  Change of Registrar initiated by Registrant. You may also change your Registrar of Record for any reason but only if the WHOIS record for the registered Domain Name has an “OK” or “Expired” status and not a “Hold”, “Transfer Prohibited” or “Pending Transfer” status.

        由注册人发起的注册服务商变更。您也可以出于任何原因更改您的记录注册商,但前提是已注册域名的 WHOIS 记录具有正常过期状态,而不是保留禁止转让待转让状态。

4.4.4. Your Undertaking. You also undertake to:  您的承诺。 您还承诺:

(a) abide by the procedures (“Change of Registrar of Record”) set out in the Annex to this DNRA when carrying out any change of Registrar of Record; and

     在执行任何登记注册商变更时,遵守本 DNRA 附件中规定的程序(登记注册商变更);和

(b) give your fullest cooperation to SGNIC and the new Registrar of your choice, including the payment of any applicable Fees, in order to effect the change in your Registrar of Record with SGNIC.

     SGNIC 和您选择的新注册商提供最充分的合作,包括支付任何适用的费用,以实现您在 SGNIC 的登记注册商的变更。

4.4.5.  Change of Registrar not transfer of Domain Name Registration. For the avoidance of doubt, a change of your Registrar of Record does not operate to transfer the registration of a Domain Name to another person and the provisions of this Clause 4.4 do not supplant the provisions of Clause 5.5 below.

    注册服务商的变更不是域名注册的转让。为免生疑问,更改您的记录注册商不会将域名的注册转移给另一个人,并且本第 4.4 条的规定不取代以下第 5.5 条的规定。


5. Registered Domain Name  注册域名

5.1 No Proprietary Right.  Subject to you complying with the terms of this DNRA, you shall only have the right to use, but not own, the Domain Name Registration. Save as provided for under Clause 5.5 herein, you shall not have any right to sell, trade, assign or otherwise deal with the Domain Name Registration. SGNIC is entitled to injunctive relief should you deal with the Domain Name Registration in any manner that is contrary to this DNRA and/or Reference Documents. Additionally, registration of the Domain Name in one category does not confer on you any legal, equitable or other proprietary right to use an identical, similar or phonetically equivalent domain name in another domain category.

      无专有权利。  在您遵守本 DNRA 的条款的前提下,您仅有权使用域名注册,但不拥有域名注册权。除本协议第 5.5 条规定外,您无权出售、交易、转让或以其他方式处理域名注册。如果您以任何违反本 DNRA /或参考文件的方式处理域名注册,SGNIC 有权获得禁令救济。此外,在一个类别中注册域名并不授予您在另一域类别中使用相同、相似或语音等效域名的任何法律、衡平法或其他专有权利。


5.2 Legality.  You acknowledge and agree that by granting you a Domain Name Registration, SGNIC has not made any determination, nor is it capable of making such determination, with respect to the legality of the Domain Name Registration or otherwise evaluate whether that registration or use of the Domain Name may infringe upon any rights of a third party. You therefore further agree that you shall not use the fact that the Domain Name has been registered with SGNIC as a defence in any legal proceedings brought against you by any third party in connection with your registration and/or use of the Domain Name. Nothing in this DNRA obliges SGNIC to act as arbiter between you and third parties in respect of any disputes arising out of the registration or use of the Domain Name. You agree that this DNRA does not confer any rights, procedural or substantive, upon you and also acknowledge that third parties are not bound by the provisions of this DNRA.

       合法性您承认并同意,通过授予您域名注册权限,SGNIC 未对域名注册的合法性做出任何决定,也无法做出此类决定,或以其他方式评估该域名的注册或使用Name 可能侵犯第三方的任何权利。因此,您进一步同意,在任何第三方就您注册和/或使用域名向您提起的任何法律诉讼中,您不得将域名已在 SGNIC 注册的事实作为抗辩理由。本 DNRA 中的任何内容均不要求 SGNIC 在您与第三方之间就因域名注册或使用而引起的任何争议充当仲裁者。

5.3  Registration period.  A Domain Name Registration shall be for an initial period of either 1 or 2 years and shall expire at the end of its period (“Expiry Date”) unless renewed according to the provisions below. When Variants of IDN are activated, their Expiry Date will be the same as the parent IDN’s Expiry Date.

       注册期。  域名注册的初始期限为 1 年或 2 年,除非根据以下规定续期,否则应在期限结束时(到期日)到期。当 IDN 的变体被激活时,它们的失效日期将与父 IDN 的失效日期相同。

5.4 Renewal of Registration  注册续期

5.4.1. Renewal Time Periods. Subject to SGNIC’s approval and SGNIC receiving the Fees due to it, you may renew a Domain Name Registration:

    续订时间段。  SGNIC 批准且 SGNIC 收到相应费用后,您可以续订域名注册:

(a) at any time on or before the Expiry Date for another 1 or 2 years term, provided always that the expiry date of the registration after such renewal does not exceed 36 months from the date SGNIC receives the renewal instruction;

     在到期日或 之前的任何时间为期 1 年或 2 年,前提是此类续展后的注册到期日不超过自 SGNIC 收到续展指示之日起 36 个月;

(b) within a 30 days period after the expiration of the Domain Name Registration (“Post Expiry Grace Period”), for a 1 or 2 years term. The new expiry date shall be 1 or 2 years from the Expiry Date; or

    在域名注册到期 30 天内(到期后宽限期),为期 1 年或 2 年。新的到期日应为到期日起 1 年或 2 年;或者

(c) within a final 30 days period immediately following the lapse of the Post Expiry Grace Period (“Deletion Escrow Period”). You would be required to have the Domain Name reinstated first (“Reinstatement”).

    在到期后宽限期(删除托管期)结束后的最后 30 天内。您需要先恢复域名(恢复)。

Such a Reinstatement would incur an additional charge on top of a one (1) year renewal fee. The new expiry date shall be 1 year from the date SGNIC receives the reinstatement/renewal instruction.

除了一 (1) 年的续订费外,此类恢复还会产生额外费用。新的到期日应为自 SGNIC 收到恢复/更新指示之日起 1 年。


5.4.2.  Renewal for Variants of IDN. When renewing the registration of IDN with SGNIC, you may also opt to renew Variant(s) of the IDN for the same one (1) or two (2) years period, provided always that the expiry of the registration of the Variant after such renewal does not exceed 36 months from the date SGNIC receives the renewal instruction from you. When Variants of IDN are renewed, their Expiry Date will be the same as the parent IDN’s Expiry Date.

        IDN 变体的续订。在向 SGNIC 续签 IDN 注册时,您还可以选择在相同的一 (1) 年或两 (2) 年期间续签 IDN 的变体,前提是变体的注册期满后续期不超过 SGNIC 收到您的续期指示之日起 36 个月。当 IDN 的变体续订时,它们的失效日期将与父 IDN 的失效日期相同。

5.4.3. Consequences of Non-Renewal: If not renewed on time, the Domain Name will cease to resolve on the Internet immediately after the Expiry Date. After the lapse of the Deletion Escrow Period, the Domain Name will be purged from the system and be available for registration by any qualifying party.



5.4.4. Bar Against Renewal. Notwithstanding any of the provisions above, a Domain Name cannot be renewed if its status in our system is shown as “Hold”, “Pending Transfer” or “Renew Prohibited”.

   禁止更新。 尽管有上述任何规定,如果域名在我们系统中的状态显示为保留待转让禁止续期,则不能续期。


5.5 Transfer of Domain Name Registration  域名注册转移

5.5.1. You may only transfer your Domain Name in the circumstances listed below and provided the registered Domain Name has an “OK” or “Expired” status and not a “Hold” or “Transfer Prohibited” status:

        您只能在下列情况下转让您的域名,并且注册域名的状态为“OK”“Expired”,而不是“Hold”“Transfer Prohibited”状态:

(a) You have been sold to or have merged with another entity;


(b) You have transferred intellectual property which may contain the Domain Name to another entity;


(c) A competent arbitrator, tribunal, court or legislative body has ordered you to transfer the Domain Name;


(d) You have become insolvent and the Domain Name is transferred to a liquidator, receiver, receiver manager, administrator or similar insolvency professional;


(e) You have entered into an agreement to transfer the Domain Name to a new registrant in settlement of a dispute which includes the transfer of the domain name; or


(f) You have obtained the written consent of SGNIC for the transfer.

     您已获得 SGNIC 的书面同意转让。

5.5.2. Subject to the provisions of Clause 5.5.1 above, you may transfer your registered Domain Name to another party (“Transferee”) only in accordance with the provisions of the DNRA and shall also comply with the following provisions:

    根据上述第 5.5.1 条的规定,您只能按照 DNRA 的规定将您的注册域名转让给另一方(受让方),并应遵守以下规定:

(a) You must obtain the authorisation of the Transferee (for example in the form of a bilateral agreement) for the transfer and an acknowledgement from the Transferee that the Transferee agrees to be bound by the DNRA; and,

    您必须获得受让方的授权(例如以双边协议的形式)进行转让,并获得受让方对受让方同意受 DNRA 约束的确认;和,

(b) Either the Transferee or you will submit a transfer request to your Registrar of Record indicating the domain name to be transferred, the identity of the Transferee and acknowledgement of the Transferee that the Transferee agrees to be bound by the DNRA.

     受让人或您将向您的登记注册商提交转让请求,说明要转让的域名、受让人的身份以及受让人对受让人同意受 DNRA 约束的确认。


6. Use of Registration Information  注册信息的使用

6.1 Consent. You consent to SGNIC collecting, storing, processing, using, disclosing and publishing your Registration Information in any form or medium, including but not limited to through internet-based services available to the public, for any lawful purpose. These purposes include publication to any third parties relying on or participating in any administrative proceedings under the SDRP.

       同意。您同意 SGNIC 以任何形式或媒介收集、存储、处理、使用、披露和发布您的注册信息,包括但不限于通过向公众提供的基于互联网的服务,用于任何合法目的。这些目的包括向依赖或参与SDRP下的任何行政程序的任何第三方发布信息。

6.2 WHOIS Policy. SGNIC shall be entitled to use your Registration Information to operate WHOIS services for the public. The classes of information made available for the WHOIS service, its manner of use and the steps that SGNIC may take to protect your privacy are as set out in the WHOIS Policy document.

     WHOIS 政策。SGNIC 有权使用您的注册信息为公众运营 WHOIS 服务。WHOIS 政策文件中规定了可用于 WHOIS 服务的信息类别、其使用方式以及 SGNIC 可能采取的保护您隐私的步骤。

6.3  Privacy Policy. Without prejudice to the provisions of clauses 6.1 and 6.2 above, SGNIC shall also be entitled to collect, use, disclose and otherwise manage Personal Data (as defined under the Personal Data and Protection Act 2012) in its custody and in accordance with the SGNIC Privacy Policy, a copy of which may be accessed at

     隐私政策。在不影响上述第 6.1 6.2 条规定的情况下,SGNIC 还有权根据 SGNIC 隐私收集、使用、披露和以其他方式管理其保管的个人数据(定义见 2012 年个人数据和保护法)政策,其副本可在https://www.sgnic.sg访问。


7. Registrant’s Obligations  注册人的义务

7.1 Operational Name Service. You are required to, within 30 days from the date on which your Domain Name first shows an active status, initiate and then maintain the operation (including but not limited to being connected to the Internet and capable of receiving queries for the Domain Name and responding thereto) of at least two Name Servers for the registered Domain Name.

     操作名称服务。您需要在您的域名首次显示为有效状态之日起 30 天内启动并维护运营(包括但不限于连接到互联网并能够接收域名查询并做出响应)到)至少两个名称服务器的注册域名。

7.2  Appointment of Contacts. It is solely your responsibility to appoint a suitable Administrative Contact, Technical Contact and Billing Contact for the Domain Name Registration. The Administrative Contact will need to verify your identity and contact information via SGNIC’s VerifiedID@SG portal within 21 days after the Domain Name registration or when your identity or contact information has been changed. It is your responsibility to ensure that the Administrative Contact understands his/her obligations and completes the verifications within the stipulated timeframe. The Technical and Billing Contacts should be parties that can respond to technical and billing matters respectively with regard to your Domain Name. Failure to conduct the verification within the stipulated time may result in the suspension of your Domain Name.

      联系人的任命您有责任为域名注册指定合适的管理联系人、技术联系人和计费联系人。管理联系人需要在域名注册后或您的身份或联系信息更改后的 21 天内通过 SGNIC VerifiedID@SG 门户验证您的身份和联系信息。您有责任确保管理联系人了解他/她的义务并在规定的时间范围内完成验证。技术和计费联系人应该是可以分别响应与您的域名相关的技术和计费事宜的一方。未能在规定时间内进行验证可能会导致您的域名被暂停。


7.3  Update of Particulars. It is solely your responsibility to update SGNIC of any changes in the Registration Information as and when such changes occur. SGNIC may from time to time request from you pertinent information concerning the Domain Name Registration (or in connection with your use of the Domain Name Registration) or for updates with respect to your Registration Information. You shall, within 7 days of SGNIC’s request (or a request made on SGNIC’s behalf), provide such information or updates.

       更新详情。 它是你的唯一责仼如有注册改变应向SGNIC 更新注册。SGNIC 可能会不时要求您提供有关域名注册(或与您使用域名注册有关)的相关信息或更新您的注册信息。您应在 SGNIC 提出要求(或代表 SGNIC 提出要求)的 7 天内提供此类信息或更新。


7.4  Dispute Resolution  争议解决

7.4.1. SGNIC shall not be a party to any dispute between (i) you and any Registrar; and/or (ii) you and any third party ("Complainants"), in connection with your registration and/or use of a domain name. However, where you are party in legal proceeding(s) in connection with your Domain Name Registration, you shall, at SGNIC’s request, furnish SGNIC with a copy of all documents or pleadings which you file into court.

    SGNIC 不会成为当亊人的仼何争议 (i) 您与任何注册商之间的任何争议的一方;和/ (ii) 您和任何第三方(投诉人),与您注册和/或使用域名有关。但是,如果您是与您的域名注册有关的法律程序的一方,您应应 SGNIC 的要求,向 SGNIC 提供您提交给法庭的所有文件或诉状的副本。

7.4.2. You agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of the SDRP which is incorporated herein and made a part of this DNRA by reference. The SDRP provides, among other things, for Complainants to raise any dispute with you regarding your Domain Name Registration and to compel you to submit to an administrative proceeding.

    您同意受 SDRP 的条款和条件的约束,该条款和条件并入本文并通过引用成为本 DNRA 的一部分。SDRP 规定,除其他外,投诉人可以就您的域名注册向您提出任何争议,并迫使您提交行政程序。

7.4.3. Once a complaint under the SDRP has been filed against you by a Complainant, you shall not make any changes to your identity and contact information without SGNIC’s prior written approval. SGNIC may not allow such changes to be made unless (i) it is satisfied that the dispute has been resolved under the SDRP; or (ii) SGNIC receives, to its satisfaction, notification from the parties that the dispute has been settled.

         一旦投诉人根据 SDRP 对您提出投诉,未经 SGNIC 事先书面批准,您不得更改您的身份和联系信息。SGNIC 不得允许进行此类更改,除非 (i) 确信争议已根据 SDRP 得到解决;(ii) SGNIC 收到双方满意的争议已解决通知。


Implementation of Administrative Panel’s decision  行政小组决定的执行


7.4.4.  If an Administrative Panel should order that the Domain Name Registration be transferred to a Complainant, then subject to the provisions of the SDRP, SGNIC shall implement the Administrative Panel’s decision as follows:

      如果管理小组应命令将域名注册转移给投诉人,则根据 SDRP 的规定,SGNIC 应按以下方式执行管理小组的决定:

(a) The Domain Name will be purged from SGNIC’s database on the implementation date (i.e. ten (10) working days after SGNIC is informed of the Administrative Panel’s decision).

      域名将在实施日期(即 SGNIC 被告知管理小组的决定后十 (10) 个工作日)从 SGNIC 的数据库中清除。

(b) The SDRP secretariat and your Registrar will be informed accordingly once the Domain Name is purged.

      一旦域名被清除,SDRP 秘书处和您的注册商将收到相应的通知。

(c) SGNIC will reserve the disputed Domain Name for the Complainant for thirty (30) days beginning from the implementation date.

       SGNIC 将自实施之日起为投诉人保留争议域名三十 (30) 天。

(d) The Complainant shall be required to register the disputed Domain Name with a Registrar of the Complainant’s choice during the said thirty (30) day period.

     投诉人必须在上述三十 (30) 天内向投诉人选择的注册商注册争议域名。

(e) If the Complainant fails to register the disputed Domain Name during such period, that Domain Name will be made available for registration by any person on a first-come-first served basis.



8. Registrant’s Representations and Warranties   注册人的声明和保证

8.1 You represent and warrant to SGNIC as follows:


8.1.1. Registration Information. That all Registration Information is and remains at all times true, complete, accurate and not misleading.


8.1.2. Qualification for Registration. That you have understood and been in compliance with the principles and requirements set out in the RoR.

       注册资格。您已理解并遵守 RoR 中规定的原则和要求。

8.1.3. Compliance in Use of Domain Name. That the registration and/or use of the Domain Name Registration shall be in full compliance with the principles and terms set out in the AUPT.

      域名使用的合规性。域名注册的注册和/或使用应完全符合 AUPT 中规定的原则和条款。

8.2  Survival of Terms. You acknowledge and agree that the following clauses shall survive the expiry or termination (howsoever brought about) of this DNRA:

     条款的存续。您承认并同意,以下条款在本 DNRA 到期或终止(无论如何导致)后仍然有效:


Clauses 4.1, 5.1, 5.2, 10, 11.1, 11.2, 11.6 and 11.7 11.7


9. Rights of SGNIC  SGNIC 的权利

9.1 Actions against Domain Name Registration


9.1.1. Subject to clauses 9.3, 9.4 and 9.5 below, SGNIC may, at its sole and absolute discretion, take appropriate action, including immediately deleting or suspending, or cause to be deleted or suspended, a Domain Name Registration in the event that:

        根据以下第 9.39.4 9.5 条,在以下情况下,SGNIC 可自行决定采取适当措施,包括立即删除或暂停,或促使删除或暂停域名注册:

(a) SGNIC has not received the Fees as and when they fall due for any reason whatsoever;

     SGNIC 未因任何原因在费用到期时收到费用;

(b) maintaining the registration could put SGNIC in conflict with the requirements of the terms of any notice, order, ruling, decision or judgment of a Court of Singapore, law enforcement agency, regulatory body or an Administrative Panel setup pursuant to the SDRP;

     保持注册可能会使 SGNIC 与新加坡法院、执法机构、监管机构或根据SDRP设立的行政小组的任何通知、命令、裁决、决定或判决的条款要求发生冲突;

(c) SGNIC receives a notice from any government body, law enforcement/security agency, regulatory authorities/ agencies or national controlling bodies requesting for SGNIC to take action against the Domain Name on the ground that the Domain Name, manner of use of the Domain Name, and/or the contents of the website referenced by the Domain ame is (1) in breach (or potential breach) of any laws, directives, guidelines, codes of practice, regulations or regulatory requirements, or licences or permits issued by any government body, law enforcement/security agency, or regulatory authorities/agencies,

national controlling bodies, or (2) is used for or in connection with objectionable or undesirable activities, or where such use is otherwise against national or public interest. SGNIC shall be entitled to rely on such notices without having to inquire into their correctness, validity or underlying reasons;

     SGNIC 收到任何政府机构、执法/安全机构、监管机构/机构或国家控制机构的通知,要求 SGNIC 以域名、域名使用方式为由对域名采取行动域名所引用的网站的名称和/或内容 (1) 违反(或可能违反)任何法律、指令、指南、行为守则、法规或监管要求,或任何由任何机构颁发的执照或许可。政府机构、执法/安全机构或监管机构/机构,

国家控制机构,或 (2) 被用于或与令人反感或不受欢迎的活动有关,或者此类使用以其他方式违反国家或公共利益。SGNIC 有权依赖此​​类通知而无需调查其正确性、有效性或根本原因;

(d)  the registration has been procured by fraud or misrepresentation, including but not limited to the provision of false or incomplete registration or contact information in non-compliance with the RoR;

       注册是通过欺诈或虚假陈述获得的,包括但不限于提供虚假或不完整的注册或不符合 RoR 的联系信息;

(e) in SGNIC’s sole and absolute opinion, the Domain Name, the manner of use of the Domain Name, and/or the contents of the website referenced by the Domain Name are objectionable or undesirable;

     根据 SGNIC 的唯一和绝对意见,该域名、该域名的使用方式和/或该域名所引用的网站内容令人反感或不可取;

(f) in the sole and absolute determination of SGNIC, you have breached any of the terms set out in this DNRA and/or Reference Documents;

  SGNIC 的唯一和绝对判断,您违反了任何期限始于DNRA /或涉及公文条款;


(g) the Domain Name is one which is or ought to have been a reserved domain name as described in clause 7 of the RoR as at the time when the Domain Name was applied for or was registered.

     域名是在申请或注册域名时是或应该是注册规则第 7 条所述的保留域名。


9.1.2. You may, at any time, request for your Registrar to delete your Domain Name Registration.


9.1.3. In the event SGNIC is named as a party to any legal proceedings involving a Domain Name Registration, SGNIC shall be entitled to suspend the Domain Name Registration until the conclusion of the legal proceedings.

          如果 SGNIC 被指定为涉及域名注册的任何法律程序的当事方,SGNIC 有权暂停域名注册,直至法律程序结束。


9.2  General Power to Amend. SGNIC shall have the general power to amend or modify any Domain Name Registration –

       修改的一般权力。 SGNIC 拥有修改或修改任何域名注册的一般权力——


9.2.1. to correct any error that has been made by any party in connection with the registration, transfer, termination or renewal of the Domain Name Registration; or



9.2.2. to implement any decision or order made by the Courts of Singapore or an adjudication made by an Administrative Panel pursuant to the SDRP.



9.3 Written Notice for Deletion. Where permitted by the circumstances, SGNIC shall provide written notice, by electronic mail or otherwise, to you either directly or through your Registrar before exercising the right of deletion provided for under clause 9.1.1 above.

      书面删除通知。在情况允许的情况下,SGNIC 在行使上述第 9.1.1 条规定的删除权之前,应通过电子邮件或其他方式直接或通过您的注册服务商向您发出书面通知。


9.4 Notification to Remedy Breaches. In the event that the basis on which SGNIC relies on to delete your Domain Name Registration is your breach of the terms of this DNRA and/or the Reference Documents and where such breach is capable of being remedied as determined by SGNIC in its sole and absolute opinion , SGNIC may, at its sole and absolute discretion, prior to exercising its right of deletion notify you in writing, either directly or through your Registrar, of the breach in question and provide you with an opportunity to remedy the breach. If the breach is not remedied within 7 days of the date of SGNIC’s notice, SGNIC shall be entitled to delete the Domain Name Registration without any further notice to you. Notwithstanding any of the foregoing, nothing herein prejudices or otherwise affects SGNIC’s right to suspend (including immediate suspension without prior notification) the Domain Name Registration during the aforementioned remedy period.

      补救违规通知。如果 SGNIC 删除您的域名注册所依据的依据是您违反了本 DNRA /或参考文件的条款,并且根据 SGNIC 的唯一和绝对的判断,该违约行为能够得到补救意见,SGNIC 可在行使删除权之前,自行或通过您的注册商以书面形式直接或通过您的注册服务商,自行决定将有关违规行为通知您,并为您提供补救违规行为的机会。如果在 SGNIC 通知之日起 7 天内未纠正违规行为,SGNIC 有权删除域名注册,而无需另行通知您。尽管有上述任何规定,


9.5 Limited Right to Reinstate Deleted Domain Name. Where a Domain Name Registration is deleted pursuant to Clause 9.1.1(a) (non-payment of Fees), SGNIC shall only make the domain name available to the public for registration after the Deletion Escrow Period referred to in Clause 5.4.1(c) above. During the Deletion Escrow Period, you may reinstate the Domain Name Registration.

       恢复已删除域名的有限权利。如果根据第 9.1.1(a) 条(不支付费用)删除域名注册,SGNIC 仅应在第 5.4.1 条(第 5.4.1a)条规定的删除托管期之后)向公众提供该域名进行注册。 c) 以上。在删除托管期间,您可以恢复域名注册。


9.6 Termination of DNRA  DNRA 的终止

9.6.1. This DNRA terminates:

          本 DNRA 终止:

(a) When the Domain Name Registration is purged;


(b) When SGNIC is no longer the Domain Name administrator; or

       SGNIC 不再是域名管理员时;或者

(c) Upon your notification to SGNIC pursuant to Clause 3.3 above that you do not agree to the amendments made to this DNRA and/or Reference Documents.

     根据上述第 3.3 条通知 SGNIC,您不同意对本 DNRA /或参考文件所做的修改。


9.6.2. Termination of the DNRA does not affect any rights or liabilities which have already accrued. Among other things, this means that you shall pay in full to SGNIC all Fees that are due and owing to SGNIC at the time of termination of this DNRA.

         DNRA 的终止不影响任何已经产生的权利或责任。除其他事项外,这意味着您应向 SGNIC 全额支付在本 DNRA 终止时应支付给 SGNIC 的所有费用。

9.6.3. SGNIC shall not be obliged and is not required to refund to you any Fees which have already been paid to SGNIC prior to the termination of this DNRA or the deletion/suspension of the Domain Name Registration.

         在本 DNRA 终止或删除/暂停域名注册之前,SGNIC 没有义务且无需向您退还任何已支付给 SGNIC 的费用。

9.7 Disclaimer. You agree that without prejudice to any other provision of this DNRA, SGNIC shall not be liable under any circumstances to compensate you for any claim, loss or damage suffered, actual or alleged, arising from or in connection with the exercise of SGNIC’s rights pursuant to Clause 9.

       免责声明。您同意,在不影响本 DNRA 的任何其他规定的情况下,SGNIC 在任何情况下均不负责赔偿您因根   据 SGNIC 行使 SGNIC 的权利而产生或与之相关的任何实际或声称的索赔、损失或损害。第 9 条。


10. Exclusion, Limitations and Indemnities  10. 排除、限制和赔偿

10.1 EXCLUSION OF WARRANTIES.  You expressly acknowledge and agree that all services provided by sgnic (“services”), including without limitation to the provision of domain name registrations, are entirely at your sole risk and are provided on an "as is" and "as available" basis, with all faults and without any warranties, express or implied or arising under custom or usage or trade. With regard to the services, sgnic specifically disclaims any representation or implied warranties of accuracy, timeliness, completeness, adequacy, merchantability, satisfactory quality, fitness, non-infringement or availability for use for a general or particular purpose.

    担保的排除。    您明确承认并同意 sgnic 提供的所有服务(服务),包括但不限于提供域名注册,完全由您自行承担风险,并按原样可用的基础提供,不承担任何错误,不提供任何明示或暗示的保证,或根据习惯、使用或贸易而产生的保证。对于服务, sgnic 明确拒绝对准确性、及时性、完整性、充分性、适销性、令人满意的质量、适用性、不侵权或可用于一般或特定目的的可用性作出任何陈述或暗示保证。



To the extent not prohibited by law, in no event shall sgnic be liable for any loss or damage, either direct, indirect, incidental, consequential or otherwise, arising out of the breach of any express or implied warranty, term or condition, breach of contract, negligence, strict liability misrepresentation, failure of any remedy to achieve its essential purpose or under any other legal theory arising out of, or related to, this dnra or your use of the services and/or any information or data obtained from sgnic (such damages include, but are not limited to, loss of profits, loss of revenue, loss of data, loss of use of domain name registration, business interruption, loss of business opportunity and down time), even if sgnic has been advised of the possibility of such damages.

在法律未禁止的范围内,在任何情况下,对于因违反任何明示或暗示的保证、条款或条件、违反因本 dnra 或您对服务的使用和/或从 sgnic 获得的任何信息或数据而产生或与之相关的合同、疏忽、严格责任失实陈述、未能实现其基本目的或任何其他法律理论下的任何补救措施(此类损害包括但不限于利润损失、收入损失、数据丢失、无法使用域名注册、业务中断、业务机会损失和停机时间),即使 sgnic 已被告知这种损害的可能性。


In any event, the entire aggregated liability of sgnic to you or your agent, whether under the provisions of this dnra or otherwise shall be limited to the lesser of singapore dollars five hundred (s$500) or the total fees paid by you to sgnic under this dnra. The foregoing limitations will apply even if the above stated remedy fails in its essential purpose.

   在任何情况下,sgnic 对您或您的代理人的全部累计责任,无论是根据本 dnra 的规定还是其他方式,均应限于新加坡元五百(500 新元)或您根据 sgnic 支付给 sgnic 的总费用中的较小者这个 dnra 。即使上述补救措施未能达到其基本目的,上述限制也将适用。


10.3.1. You agree to defend, indemnify and hold harmless SGNIC, each and every of its officers, directors, employees, agents and committee members (collectively the “Indemnified Parties” and singularly the “Indemnified Party”) from and against any and all damages, liabilities, obligations, losses, claims, demands, actions, causes of action, penalties, costs and expenses (including, without limitation, professional and legal expenses) arising out of or in any way connected to your use or your permitted use of any Domain Name Registration, or your violation of this DNRA and the Reference Documents in any way.

       您同意保护 SGNIC 及其每一位高级职员、董事、雇员、代理人和委员会成员(统称为被赔偿方,单独称为被赔偿方)免受任何和所有损害、责任、义务、损失、索赔、要求、诉讼、诉讼因由、处罚、成本和费用(包括但不限于专业和法律费用)因您使用或您允许使用任何域名而产生或以任何方式与之相关注册,或您以任何方式违反本 DNRA 和参考文件。

10.3.2. Every Indemnified Party shall, within a reasonable time after having express knowledge of any claims, demands or actions affecting that Indemnified Party pursuant to Clause 10.3.1, notify you of their existence. The failure of any Indemnified Party to give the appropriate notice shall not affect the rights of the other Indemnified Parties.

        每个受偿方应在明确知晓任何影响该受偿方的索赔、要求或行动后的合理时间内,根据第 10.3.1 条通知您它们的存在。任何受偿方未能发出适当通知不应影响其他受偿方的权利。


11. General Terms   11. 一般条款

11.1 Notices. All notices, communications, demands, requests, approvals or consents required to be given or made under this DNRA by either party must be in writing. Any notices, communications, demands, requests, approvals or consents shall be deemed to be duly given and received:

      通知。任何一方根据本 DNRA 要求发出或作出的所有通知、通信、要求、请求、批准或同意必须以书面形式作出。任何通知、通讯、要求、请求、批准或同意均应视为已正式发出和收到:

11.1.1. if personally delivered, on the following working day of delivery;


11.1.2. if sent by pre-paid mail from and to addresses within the same country, two (2) working days after the date of posting;

        如果通过预付费邮件从同一国家/地区的地址发送和发送至同一国家/地区的地址,则为邮寄之日后两 (2) 个工作日;

11.1.3. if sent by pre-paid mail from and to addresses in different countries, five (5) working days after the same is sent; and

        如果通过预付费邮件从不同国家的地址发送和发送到不同国家的地址,则在发送后五 (5) 个工作日;和

11.1.4. if sent by hand or by facsimile, on the following working day, provided a confirmation copy is generated by the sender’s facsimile machine; and



11.1.5. in the case of electronic mail, upon the successful transmission of the electronic mail provided that no notice of electronic mail delivery failure is received by the sender as the case may be.


11.2 Waiver.  A waiver of either party’s right to enforce any provision of this DNRA is not effective unless expressed in writing. Further, the failure by either party to enforce at any time the provisions of this DNRA or any rights in respect thereto shall in no way be considered to be a waiver of such provisions, rights, or elections or in any way affect the validity of this DNRA.

          弃权。  除非以书面形式表示,否则任何一方对执行本 DNRA 任何条款的权利的放弃均无效。此外,任何一方未能在任何时候执行本 DNRA 的规定或任何相关权利,均不应被视为放弃此类规定、权利或选择,或以任何方式影响本 DNRA 的有效性国家税务局。

11.3 Severability.  If any term or provision of this DNRA is held to be illegal or unenforceable, the validity or enforceability of the remainder of this DNRA shall not be affected.

         分割性。  如果本 DNRA 的任何条款或规定被认定为非法或不可执行,则本 DNRA 其余部分的有效性或可执行性不受影响。

11.4  Assignment. Subject to the provisions of this DNRA, all the rights and obligations hereunder shall be binding upon and inure to the benefit of the parties of this DNRA and their respective permitted assigns and successors except that:

         分配。根据本 DNRA 的规定,本协议项下的所有权利和义务均对本 DNRA 各方及其各自允许的受让人和继承人具有约束力并符合其利益,但以下情况除外:

11.4.1.  SGNIC may assign or transfer all or part of its rights and obligations under this DNRA to any other person; and

             SGNIC 可以将其在本 DNRA 下的全部或部分权利和义务转让或转让给任何其他人;和


11.4.2.  you may not assign or transfer all or any part of your rights and obligations under this DNRA to any other person, and if attempted, this DNRA shall be rendered voidable by SGNIC. Any attempt by your creditors to obtain an interest in your right under this DNRA howsoever shall render this DNRA voidable by SGNIC.

         您不得将您在本 DNRA 下的全部或部分权利和义务转让或转让给任何其他人,如果尝试,本 DNRA 将被 SGNIC 取消。无论如何,您的债权人试图获得您在本 DNRA 下的权利的任何权益,都将使 SGNIC 取消本 DNRA


11.5 Entire Agreement.  This DNRA (including the Reference Documents), and as amended by SGNIC from time to time, constitutes the entire agreement between SGNIC and yourself and supersedes all prior agreements, understandings, negotiations and discussions, whether oral or written. There are no conditions, warranties, representations or other agreements between the parties in connection with the subject matter of this agreement except as expressly set out in this DNRA.

        整个协议。   DNRA(包括参考文件)以及 SGNIC 不时修订的内容构成 SGNIC 与您之间的完整协议,并取代所有先前的口头或书面协议、谅解、谈判和讨论。除本 DNRA 明确规定外,双方之间不存在与本协议标的有关的任何条件、保证、陈述或其他协议。


11.6 Remedies Cumulative. No right or remedy conferred upon or reserved by the parties to this DNRA is intended to be, nor shall be deemed, exclusive of any other right or remedy provided or permitted by law or equity, but shall each be cumulative of every right or remedy.

        累积的补救措施。  DNRA 各方授予或保留的任何权利或补救措施均不旨在也不应被视为排除法律或衡平法提供或允许的任何其他权利或补救措施,但每项权利或补救措施均应累积。

11.7 Governing Law. This DNRA (including the Reference Documents) will be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of Singapore. The Parties to this DNRA hereby submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Singapore Courts.

        适用法律。 DNRA(包括参考文件)将受新加坡法律管辖并据其解释。本 DNRA 的各方特此服从新加坡法院的非专属管辖权。


11.8 Force Majeure. Neither Party to this DNRA shall be deemed to be in default for any delay or failure to perform any of its obligations under this DNRA resulting from causes beyond its reasonable control. A party shall notify the other party promptly of any such circumstances delaying its performance such affected obligation and shall resume performance as soon as reasonably practicable.

        不可抗力。 DNRA 的任何一方均不得因超出其合理控制范围的原因而延迟或未能履行其在本 DNRA 下的任何义务而被视为违约。一方应将任何延迟履行其受影响义务的情况立即通知另一方,并应在合理可行的情况下尽快恢复履行。


11.9 Third parties. A person who is not a party to this DNRA has no right under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act (Cap. 53B) to enforce any term of this DNRA except and to the extent (if any) where this DNRA provides that such third parties have the rights to enforce this DNRA.

        第三方。不是本 DNRA 一方的人无权根据《合同(第三方权利)法》(第 53B 章)强制执行本 DNRA 的任何条款,除非本 DNRA 规定(如果有)第三方有权执行本 DNRA


11.10 Headings. Headings to the Clauses in this DNRA are for the purpose of information and identification only and shall not be construed as forming part of this DNRA.

       标题。 DNRA 中条款的标题仅供参考和识别,不应被解释为构成本 DNRA 的一部分。



Change of Registrar of Record登记处处长变更

You may change your Registrar of Record (“Outgoing Registrar”) to another Registrar (“Incoming Registrar”) in accordance with provisions of the DNRA and shall also comply with the following provisions:

您可以根据 DNRA 的规定将您的登记注册商(传出注册商)更改为另一名注册商(新入注册商),并且还应遵守以下规定:


(a) You shall obtain from the Outgoing Registrar the password to the registered Domain Name(s) which you wish to transfer out to the Incoming Registrar. The Outgoing Registrar is expected to furnish you with the password within three (3) working days after you have notified it of your intention.

     您应从外发注册商处获得您希望转让给外发注册商的已注册域名的密码。传出注册商应在您通知其意图后三 (3) 个工作日内向您提供密码。

(b) Next, you must send in the change Registrar request through your Incoming Registrar with the following information:


i.    the Domain Names under the Outgoing Registrar which are to be transferred;


ii.    the password(s) received from the Outgoing Registrar in connection with those Domain Names; and


iii. the identity and contact information of yourself and your administrative, billing and technical contacts.


(c) Upon receiving the transfer request from the Incoming Registrar pursuant to your request in step (b), SGNIC will send out a notification to both the Incoming Registrar and the Outgoing Registrar. Within seven (7) days of the notification (“7 Days Period”), for verification purpose, the Incoming Registrar shall obtain express authorisation from you regarding the requested change of Registrar. Such express authorisation may be presented to the Outgoing Registrar upon request.

(c) 根据您在步骤 (b) 中的请求,收到传入注册商的转让请求后,SGNIC 将向传入注册商和传出注册商发送通知。在收到通知后的七 (7) 天内(“7 天期限),为了验证目的,新注册服务商应就所请求的注册服务商变更获得您的明确授权。此类明示授权可应要求提交给传出注册商。


(d)  The change of Registrar shall be deemed approved and completed either where the Outgoing Registrar gives its express concurrence or fails to respond to SGNIC within the 7 Days Period, in which case the SRS will automatically approve the transfer at the close of the 7 Days Period. The Outgoing Registrar may reject the change request, stating reasons for rejection. Some valid reasons, without limitation, are where there have been disputes under the SDRP, where there have been disputes over the identity of the Registrant, where you owe fees to the Outgoing Registrar, and where your change request has not been made in accordance with the provisions of the DNRA.

      如果即将离任的注册服务商明确表示同意或未在 7 天期限内回复 SGNIC,则注册服务商的变更将被视为已获批准并完成,在这种情况下,SRS 将在 7 天期限结束时自动批准转让。天期间。传出注册商可能会拒绝更改请求,并说明拒绝的原因。一些有效的理由,但不限于,在 SDRP 下存在争议、对注册人的身份存在争议、您欠离任注册服务商费用以及您的变更请求未按照DNRA 的规定。


(e) You are advised to carry out step (b) before the Expiry Date of the Domain Names so as to avoid the Domain Names expiring and becoming unresolvable. In the event that this is not possible and any Domain Name has lapsed, you will still be able to request to change your Registrar of Record in accordance with the steps set out in this Annex.

       建议您在域名到期日之前执行步骤 (b),以避免域名到期并变得无法解析。如果这是不可能的并且任何域名已失效,您仍然可以根据本附件中规定的步骤请求更改您的记录注册商。



The list of .SG policy documents and agreements are:
.SG 政策文件和协议清单如下:

Domain Name Registration Agreement     DNRA

Rules of Registration             ROR

Acceptable Use Policy for Registrant       AUPT

登记者的可用政策   注册人可接受的使用政策
Registrar Accreditation Agreement         RAA

Code of Practice  实务守则                Code

职业道德标准  工作条例规定 
WHOIS Policy  WHOIS 政策

Privacy Policy  隐私政策